Slots Bonus

Everyone loves a game of slots and what we love even more is a slot bonus! Slot bonuses help you to increase your overall payout. But the biggest mistake one makes is grabbing the first bonus offer you come across. Choosing a slots UK bonus should be done strategically.

You should also have in mind that different software providers offer different types of bonuses. We cover most of the casino softwares and you can read about Microgaming slots, Vegas Technologies slots, Playtech slots, Rival Gaming slots, Cryptologic, RTG slots, Parlay Entertainment and Slotland on our blog.

The first thing you should remember is that most slot machines and slot bonuses differ from one another. There are rarely the same. Some slots bonuses are in pounds while some offer a percentage on the deposit amount. Most casinos will not just let you take the money. You will have to wager your bonus and your deposit as well, in some cases; before they let you walk away with the bonus. Another thing you have to keep in mind is not to wager away the bonus totally once you’ve won it in the hope of winning one more. You want to win the jackpot with your bonus. Read More

Understanding Bonus Requirements

If you’ve ever joined a mobile casino, you probably have noticed that the casino is willing to give you lots of money as a welcome bonus. Sometimes it’s a match bonus on your deposit. Sometimes the bonus doesn’t require a deposit at all. Sometimes it’s free time to play whatever games you want.

Online casino bonuses come in many varieties, but before you accept any you need to know the bonus requirements. Think of it this way: If you walk into a business of any kind and an employee comes up to you and offers you free money, you’re going to have a question, right? Mine would be “what’s the catch?”

Generally, if a business offers you something for free, there are some strings attached. Therefore, before you accept any bonus you should read the requirements. Usually the terms and conditions of the bonuses are clearly stated on the website. If you can’t find them, you should contact customer service and ask. Read More

Games with the Highest RTPs – Your Best Bet!

When choosing the perfect slot game, people go for different things. Some prefer a slot with a fantastic theme or a slot that has been manufactured in the UK, whilst others care very little about anything other than winning big. If you fall into the latter group then we suggest you pay careful attention to what follows.

The RTP (or Return to Player) is the percentage you will on average get back while playing a slot game. If you’re looking for a game with a high payout, one with a high RTP might be your best bet and if you’re looking around based on RTP, we recommend the following as the pick of the crop.

Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets – 98.95%

The second Cosmic Quest game from Rival Gaming features a fun retro theme and colourful graphics. Spin the reels and match planets and gizmos to land your wins! With stacked Wilds and free spins just waiting to be claimed, everyone who loves a space-themed game will love the nostalgia Cosmic Quest gives them! Read More

Online bingo bonuses and it’s benefits

Different players take to playing online bingo for different reasons. While some play the game just for the fun of it, some want to make money. Hitting the jackpot isn’t an easy task at all when it comes to playing online bingo. Players who have been playing online bingo or any other gambling game are well aware of this very fact.

One of the most important aspects of online bingo is earning bonuses. The more bonuses you earn, the more you save. Besides, most sites are very generous when it comes to giving out bonus money rather than real cash. Each site allows players to withdraw but have their own terms and conditions when it comes to doing so.

bingo bonuses

There are different types of bonuses that a player can make use of. The first type is the welcome bonus that most sites give out to players that have just joined. GameVillage Bingo for instance, gives all players a bonus of £20 upon making their first deposit of £5, just so that players have the option of playing a few games before having to make another deposit.

Deposit bonuses or reload bonuses are bonuses that can only be acquired after making a minimum deposit. Most sites give out handsome bonuses on initial deposits, after which players can look out for daily deposit offers to earn the same kind of bonuses. GameVillage Bingo gives out bonuses of 50% to 200% everyday in either casino or bingo bonuses that players can make of. So come play bingo online and enjoy playing as many games as you want with free bonuses.

Casino Gaming: How to Increase Your Value

It’s often said that online slots don’t offer much scope for skilful play. In the strict sense of the idea, this is true. Because virtual slot machines are automated programmes operating on random patterns, there’s not much you can do to turn the odds in your favour other than hit the spin button and wait for the right symbols to roll in.

However, when you broaden your vision and consider slots in the context of online casinos as a whole, then you’ll see that there are some strategies you can employ to make your experience the best it can be. The reason this is true is because of online casino bonuses. If you’ve ever been to a live casino in Las Vegas or Macau you’ll have heard of something known as “comps”. These are essentially free gifts or rewards given to players who frequent a venue enough times.

Online Comps

by  zigazou76

by zigazou76

Although comps aren’t available in the online casino world, they do have an equivalent: bonuses. Virtual operators such as bgo will offer a range of rewards, such as free spins, bonus cash and even exclusive prizes to all their real money players. For example, you could choose one of the slot games from bgo, such as Starburst, and each time you spin you’ll earn reward points. Similarly, if you anted up on the blackjack tables at Titan or the roulette wheels of Betfred, each wager would earn you a reward point.

Over time these points will build up and you’ll be able to exchange them for bonuses which can then be used to augment your bankroll. In essence, these rewards are designed to increase the value you can obtain from your time online. If this is true, then anything you can do to increase the number of rewards you can collect will also increase your expected value (EV) when you’re inside the virtual walls of bgo, Titan, Betfred and the like.

Points = Value

by  GotCredit

by GotCredit

One of the main concepts you need to understand when you’re shooting for online casino bonuses is that each one will have a series of conditions applied to it. Although it’s sometimes possible to receive instant cash, it’s usually the case that any rewards are released gradually as you earn points. For example, if you were handed a $50 bonus, the money would be dripped into your account in increments of $5 and it would remain active until it expires or you clear the full amount.

Because this system is in place, it’s important to rack up as many points as you can in the shortest time possible and that’s where online slot machines come into the equation. Thanks to multiple win lines and a rapid spin rate, slots are the perfect machines for clearing bonuses. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you practice solid bankroll management and strong game selection if you want to ensure the best returns, but the general premise stands regardless of the slot you’re playing: quick spins equal more points and more points equal more rewards.

Online casinos are all about fun and getting the most from your time and slots help you to do this. By giving you the ability to rack up points and collect bonuses, online slots make every aspect of your casino experience as enjoyable and profitable as possible.

Craps: Learn the “fundamentals”

A game as daunting as craps is probably the least inviting to those who don’t understand it’s many betting options. For a beginner, learning the fundamental bets (or the basic betting strategy, as some would call it) is a great way to ease your way into the game – something that could easily take a year before you’re comfortable taking more chances.

A fundamental bet in craps is just another way to say how you should bet. Most people steer newcomers in the direction of the pass line bet. This bet has the lowest odds for the house, but also one of the lowest returns. That’s fine, you don’t need to be joining in on the table screaming just yet. Let’s say you play a $5 table. If it has 10x odds, you should make a straight $5 pass line bet and take the odds, since this gives you a “fundamental” edge over the casino house odds. The payoff, of course, would be $50 on the win.


This is just the first as easiest way to get yourself up to an online craps table and be part of the action without worrying about losing your shirt to a game you’re not familiar with. At some point, though, you’re going to want to research the odds on the other bets. Craps offers a wide variety of gambling options to increase even more your advantage against the casino, and if you’re going to take the time to play the game, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice by not having all the information available to you.

Then again, many players make a living (sometimes figuratively speaking, sometimes not) at the pass line, don’t pass line and call bets. All are very easy to learn, are relatively “safe” bets, and if you hit a hot table, they can carry you to some very nice profits. Being able to commit to something like this requires patience and a decent-sized bankroll, as with any grind, there’ll be times when you have to ride out a cold streak, and that’s where the bankroll size might come into play.

Craps is a great game with some of the best odds in the casino. It requires a great deal of strategy and skill for a dice game. I enjoy playing it for at least a half hour to an hour at a time, and admittedly keep my bets fairly “safe.” Eventually, I’ll throw myself 100% into that world and be ready to take on more advanced strategies and betting combinations.