Bingo Cafe

Bingo Cafe provides one of the highest paid new player deposit match. Are you ready? Up to £200 deposit matching! All we can say is “Brilliant”! Whether you deposit £10 or £200, Bingo Cafe will match your deposit by 100%. Care to try Bingo Cafe first and not deposit any cash? Get £5 free with no deposit required and have a go at their awesome 3D online bingo games, video poker, slot machines and so much more!

BingoCafe utilises ‘cutting edge technology’ in which ‘real players’ walk and even speak in the ‘bar’ with bingo cafe games going on all day, everyday! Bingo Cafe has some of the largest progressive jackpots and slots to be won each and every day. You will ALWAYS get paid from Bingo Cafe UK.

Looking to increasing your odds?

Play up to 50 cards at one time and during weekends, and special promotions play as many as 99! How’s that for odds? To start playing it costs as low as 5p yet can go up to £1 per card. There is a £10 minimum to register however, you receive 100% matched deposit bonus and £5 just for joining up now. Bingo Cafe is highly recommended for huge jackpots, chat and 3D fun!

Latest Bingo Cafe News

As if a £200 bonus match wasn’t enough, Bingo Cafe truly has something for everyone! Each week there are so many fun games to choose from you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Each day of the week there’s something happening in the different sections of Bingo Cafe. For example, on Monday you can choose to play in one ore more of the following: ‘Bistro Bar’ (open 24 hours a day), ‘Rhumba Room’ (open from 10am to Midnight), ‘The Gourmet Lounge’ (from 7pm to 11pm), ‘Abbey Road’ (Open 24 hours), ‘Slot Rooms’ (Open 24 hours with special times in between to help you win extra cash!). Check out all the games and rooms Monday through Sunday.

What we like about Bingo Cafe is that once you join and login, you can see yourself as an animated person that can walk and talk(chat) as you join new rooms. Very cool technology. After which you deposit the amount you want to play, at least £10, and then click on a door, for example the “25p door” to play the 25p cards. Once the games begin, the numbers are called automatically and are marked on your card(s) automatically. If you win, the money goes straight into your account immediately.

Bingo Cafe also offers weekly prizes up for grabs. Each week there is a £1000 cash prize draw and someone has to win it. It could be you! A winner is announced every Saturday and remember, you have a chance to win each week. If you miss it, you still have a chance to win £100 on Sunday at 3 different times of the day 2pm to 3pm, 6pm to 7pm and 9pm to 10pm

Right now at Bingo Cafe there are two 48-hour tournaments going on for bingo and slots. The bingo tournament action begins on midnight Sunday and ends at 11:59pm Tuesday. Each time you win at bingo between these days it counts as 1 win. So, whoever has the most wins by 11:59 Tuesday wins an additional cash prize!