Casino Gaming: How to Increase Your Value

It’s often said that online slots don’t offer much scope for skilful play. In the strict sense of the idea, this is true. Because virtual slot machines are automated programmes operating on random patterns, there’s not much you can do to turn the odds in your favour other than hit the spin button and wait for the right symbols to roll in.

However, when you broaden your vision and consider slots in the context of online casinos as a whole, then you’ll see that there are some strategies you can employ to make your experience the best it can be. The reason this is true is because of online casino bonuses. If you’ve ever been to a live casino in Las Vegas or Macau you’ll have heard of something known as “comps”. These are essentially free gifts or rewards given to players who frequent a venue enough times.

Online Comps

by  zigazou76
by zigazou76

Although comps aren’t available in the online casino world, they do have an equivalent: bonuses. Virtual operators such as bgo will offer a range of rewards, such as free spins, bonus cash and even exclusive prizes to all their real money players. For example, you could choose one of the slot games from bgo, such as Starburst, and each time you spin you’ll earn reward points. Similarly, if you anted up on the blackjack tables at Titan or the roulette wheels of Betfred, each wager would earn you a reward point.

Over time these points will build up and you’ll be able to exchange them for bonuses which can then be used to augment your bankroll. In essence, these rewards are designed to increase the value you can obtain from your time online. If this is true, then anything you can do to increase the number of rewards you can collect will also increase your expected value (EV) when you’re inside the virtual walls of bgo, Titan, Betfred and the like.

Points = Value

by  GotCredit
by GotCredit

One of the main concepts you need to understand when you’re shooting for online casino bonuses is that each one will have a series of conditions applied to it. Although it’s sometimes possible to receive instant cash, it’s usually the case that any rewards are released gradually as you earn points. For example, if you were handed a $50 bonus, the money would be dripped into your account in increments of $5 and it would remain active until it expires or you clear the full amount.

Because this system is in place, it’s important to rack up as many points as you can in the shortest time possible and that’s where online slot machines come into the equation. Thanks to multiple win lines and a rapid spin rate, slots are the perfect machines for clearing bonuses. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you practice solid bankroll management and strong game selection if you want to ensure the best returns, but the general premise stands regardless of the slot you’re playing: quick spins equal more points and more points equal more rewards.

Online casinos are all about fun and getting the most from your time and slots help you to do this. By giving you the ability to rack up points and collect bonuses, online slots make every aspect of your casino experience as enjoyable and profitable as possible.