Mad About Bingo, comparing online bingo sites since 2006

Online bingo is becoming more and more popular and, as a result, there are even more sites than ever hoping to entice new players to join. People always advise that we shop around before paying in but with all these sites that could take hours. Enter Mad About Bingo, the site that goes around comparing online bingo sites and sorting out the bad from the good. They could save you hours of time researching different joining bonuses, and all you need to do is have a look at their comprehensive reviews page.

There are loads of promotions that bingo providers use to get players in the door, but Mad About Bingo knows the ones that pay out the most. If you’ve ever signed up for a site for a great joining bonus only to discover they have a tiny collection of games or terrible promotions this site will make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

comparing online bingo sites

If you take a look at their top site reviews, they’ll even offer you some exclusive deals to get even more from their favourite sites. They offer advice that isn’t swayed by bingo providers so players can rest easy knowing that they’re not being misled.

Players are looking for a quick gaming fix then you can also take advantage of this site’s free to play games. They offer the best games from the 888 group so players can see which games are their favourite before seeking out a new site. This acts as a bit of a trial before players pay into any site; you can also have a flutter on these games if you want some quick cash.

They also review mobile bingo sites, so if you’re new to the world of smartphone or tablet gaming, you can get a helping hand with deciding where to play. They may even point out some ideas that you’d not thought about before when it comes to what bingo sites are offering you. The main thing to remember is that companies are fighting over your business, and Mad About Bingo will direct you to the ones that are offering the most.