Online Poker Tells

When playing online poker the information you get about other players’ hands is derived by observing the timing/speed with which each player makes a decision.

When you are playing you can usually either pre select an action within the poker software or you can click on your next move manually. Sometimes you can glean information by observing the way in which the software reacts based on what your opponent has done.

All of these suggestions are pure generalisations and you should watch out for clever players deliberately using tactics to disguise the strength / weakness of their hands.

Delays followed by a bet can indicate that an opponent has a strong hand

The delays are often used by players in an attempt to trick others into thinking that they have a weak hand. The apparent hesitancy is designed to make others call.


Delays followed by a check can indicate that an opponent has a weak hand

A player who is planning a check raise is likely to check more quickly.

Automatic bets or raises on the turn or river

This is likely to mean that the player has a strong hand as he/she has simply set the software to bet/raise/automatic checks on the turn, flop or river. This can usually be taken as an indication of weakness as the player is hoping to see more cards for nothing. Many people will use the check/fold auto button when planning to fold in the face of any bet.

You can ensure that you do not give opponents any ideas about your own hands by randomising the time it takes for you to make your selections. For example you could wait 2 seconds before checking / raising / folding when the previous card dealt was odd and wait 5 seconds when the last card was even.

Spin the luck to your side on a Roulette wheel

Online Roulette is one of the most interesting gambling games. Roulette means a small wheel in French language. The croupier turns the roulette wheel having about 37 to 38 differently numbered pockets. A ball is placed on the wheel. The ball lands on any pocket on the roulette wheel. The wheel contains pockets which are numbered from one to thirty six alternating between the colors red and black. The number 1 is red in color. The pocket with the number 0 is colored green. In most of the roulette wheels in the US, there’s another pocket numbered 00 which is also colored green. The player has to bet on the numbers, colors, combination of numbers and colors, number ranges etc

Online Roulette is of two types, American Roulette and European Roulette. The main difference is in the roulette wheels. The American roulette wheels have two pockets numbered 0 and 00 respectively in green color. The European Roulette wheels have just one pocket numbered 0.

play roulette

In online roulette the players do not compete against each other. Instead they play against the bank or house which is represented by the croupier or dealer. The players have to buy chips which are different for every player to avoid any mix-ups in the bets.

Each of the players has to place a bet. After all the players have placed their bets, the croupier spins the roulette wheel and launches the ball into the wheel. Just before the ball is about to settle in any of the pockets, the croupier announces “no more bets” After that, no player is allowed to either place a bet or to change an existing one. If the ball lands on a number, color or combination that you’ve bet on then you win. The players have to wait for the croupier to place the dolly on the winning number and clear all the bets before placing any new bets.

Luck plays an important part in a game of online roulette. Initially you can try betting on many numbers together to increase your chances of winning. But this would reduce your payout considerably. There are a number of online casinos that offer online roulette for free where you can just try you hands on the game without paying anything.

Omaha Hi Lo Preflop Strategy

Sometimes poker hands are won or lost before the flop is dealt. This is true in Texas holdem, and it’s even more true in Omaha hi lo. The trick to understanding Omaha hi lo starting hands is understanding that your hole cards should be coordinated. If your opponents play any four cards that “look good,” or if they play hole cards where only three of the four cards are coordinated, then you’ll gain a mathematical advantage by folding unless all four of your hole cards are coordinated.

The Best Possible Omaha Hi Lo Starting Hand

The absolute best starting hand you can hope for in Omaha hi lo is A234, especially if the ace and one of the other cards are the same suit.

One key to winning money at Omaha hi lo is “scooping” pots. You’re said to scoop a pot when you have both the best high hand and the best low hand, so you win both halves of the pot.

If you have an ace and another card of that suit, your chances of getting a flush aren’t bad, and an ace high flush is the best possible flush you can hope for. It’s not a sure thing, as a flush can still be beaten by four of a kind or by a full house, but a flush is a mighty fine hand.

Having the ace and the two also give you a great shot at getting the best possible low hand. And having the three and the four will help you get the best low even if a two hits the board. (If your low cards pair on the board, then that’s called being “counterfeited.”)

Omaha Hi Lo

The Other Best Starting Hands in Omaha Hi Lo

These are also great starting hands:

  • AK34 – You’re especially looking for this combination to be “double suited.” For example, if you have the ace of spades and the four of spades, then you’ve got a great chance of hitting an ace high flush. And if the king and three are both diamonds, you’ve got two opportunities to hit a big flush. And hitting the best low hand is easy as long as two hits the board with two other cards under eight.
  • AA23 – You’re also looking to be double suited here, and for the same reasons. If you play Texas holdem, then you know that a pair of aces as hole cards is a strong opening hand, and if you’re double suited, you’ve got lots of opportunities for flushes here. Since you have both a two and a three, you’ve got some counterfeit protection toward the best possible low hand.
  • AAKK – This hand is weaker than the other hands, because it has no low hand potential. But not every board will have a low hand, so you can sometimes scoop the pot anyway. If this hand is double suited, then you have lots of high card strength and flush potential. High straights are a real possibility here too, as are full houses.
  • A23x – You’re hoping that the ace is suited with one of the other cards, so that you have the flush potential. The “x” could be any card at all. You still have counterfeit protection. With lots of players in a pot, this somewhat speculative opening hand can win you a lot of money.

When you get premium starting hands like this, get money in the pot by betting and raising preflop. In poker, it’s always good to turn on the gas when you have the advantage. Read More

Omaha Hi Lo Poker Tutorial

This page is a how to play Omaha hi lo poker tutorial. You’ll learn the basics of how to play Omaha hi lo here. If you already know how to play Texas holdem, then learning to play Omaha hi lo should be a cinch.

High Low Split

Omaha hi lo is a “high low split” game. That means each pot is split between the person with the high hand and with the person who has the best qualifying low hand. Standard poker hand rankings are used to determine who wins the high. (You probably know these rankings already: two pair beats a pair, a three of a kind beats two pair, a straight beats three of a kind, a flush beats a straight, a full house beats a flush, four of a kind beats a full house, and a straight flush beats a four of a kind.)

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

Omaha hi lo poker is an “eight or better” game, which means that the low hand is determined by the player who has the lowest five unpaired cards below 8. Flushes and straights are ignored when determining a low hand, and the hands are compared with the highest card first. Therefore, a 5432A, regardless of suit, is the best possible low hand, while 87654 is the worst possible low hand that would still qualify as a low hand.

Some novices have trouble figuring out which low hand is better than another. Thinking of the low hand as a five digit numeral often helps. So it’s obvious that 87,654 is higher than 54,321.

High low split games are great because the pots can wind up really big.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker Hands

Omaha hands consist of four hole cards for each player and five community cards that all players share. When determining the hand rankings, the player must use two cards from her hand and three cards from the community cards. (This can confuse Texas holdem players, who are used to using any combination of hole cards and community cards to make up their hands.) The community cards are also often called “the board.”

If you’re having trouble understanding why this difference makes such a huge change in strategy and gameplay, consider this. Suppose you have the ace of diamonds as one of your hole cards. And suppose that four of the five cards on the board are also diamonds. In Texas holdem, you have an ace high flush, which is almost a sure winner. But in Omaha hi lo poker, you have to use TWO cards from your hole cards. If you don’t have another diamond in your hand, then you don’t have your flush.

Omaha Hi Lo Poker Hand Starting Combinations

In Texas holdem, you have two hole cards, and that gives you one combination of cards to work with.

But in Omaha hi lo poker, you have four cards, which doesn’t double the number of starting hands you have to think about. It actually gives you SIX different starting hands to look at. As a result, winning Omaha hands tend to have higher ranks than winning Texas holdem hands.

Here’s an example. Suppose you’re dealt A234. (We’ll ignore the suit for this example.) Your potential starting hands include the following combinations: Read More

Slots Tips

When it comes to playing slots, a lot of people tend to offer advice or tips. Slots, however, are a game of chance, which means that there is nothing you can do in order to influence the actual odds of winning or losing at slots. Nevertheless, there are some tips slots players can benefit from in relation to their budget and time management.

The most important slots tips are the ones related to budget management. Setting a budget before you start playing is the most fundamental of the budget-related tips. Slots can be pretty addictive and if you are not careful, you may lose control and thus spend more money than you can afford to. Therefore, it is a very good idea to objectively decide how much money you can afford to spend on slots. The easiest way is to set a monthly budget, depending on your income, which you can later on break down into smaller budgets depending on the number of sessions you are planning to have throughout the month.

slots tips

Once you set a budget, stick to it no matter what, otherwise setting a budget in the first place would make no sense at all. This means that when the budget for your gambling session is over, you should stop playing, regardless of whether you think that “a big win” is due at your next spin. A lot of people believe that slot machines have “cycles” and that you should play until a payout period starts; however, you should not trust those highly improbably theories, but walk away when you reach the limit you have set for yourself. Sticking to your budget will prevent you from losing control and using money, which are intended for other expenses, such as utility bills or food.

However, there some other slots tips that can help you enjoy your play longer. When you decide upon your budget per gambling session, carefully choose the denominations that you are going to bet on, so that your budget lasts you longer, if you are not lucky enough to win and use your winnings to finance your play. Even though higher denominations mean bigger potential winnings, smaller denominations mean playing longer.

Apart from setting a budget, responsible gambling slots tips also include setting a time limit for your session. Even if you have enough money to spend on slots or if you play slots for free, they may distract you from your professional or family responsibilities. That is why you should also decide beforehand upon the time that you can afford to spend on this particular kind of entertainment. In addition, when you set a time limit, if you have actually won, it will be easier to walk away with your cash and not feel stupid later on if you keep on playing and eventually lose all your winnings.

However, the most important of the slots tips is that you should play for fun and not to win money. Slot games are a form of entertainment and treating them as such, and not as a way to win money, will help you not to lose control.

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